Ok...I'm gonna tell you the real story...
	Well...back then I was crazy with a girl...
	I liked her...I looked at her and I stared at her...
	but...she never gave a single step towards me!...
	Maybe I was not looking the right way...
	Then you came along...
	and I looked at you the same way...
	I couldn't believe...it worked.
	You noticed me and You invited me right away...
	Though...I was not expecting and I stayed...
	You frowned and I smiled at you for the first time...
	Days later You showed up again...but this time...
	You were not so confident...
	and you just layed down your head.
	It took me a while but I went with you...
	I wanted to tell you this...
	but it was not the right time.
	I couldn't say a damn word...
	You just turned away and looked back...
	No...please...don't look at me like that!
	Those were the shining eyes I wanted to see in the first place!
	Anyway...thanks a lot...I will never forget you!...

Quente como o Fogo. Fria como o Gelo
	Sabes...procurava letras pra uma cancao
	sem saber sela merecia atencao
	mesmo assim..queria contar-te
	tudo o que nela vi d'arte

	Pois e'...uma nova vida nasceu
	quando do sol o contorno apareceu
	nao sei sestava na mira
	so sei quera uma coisa gira

	Olhei mas nao me viu
	de certeza nada sentiu
	escrevi mas nao respondeu
	claro que nao lh' apeteceu

	Diz-me...o que e' qu'eu faco?
	vou pelo fogo a passo?
	ou o gelo faco derreter?
	sem nada temer?

	Lembro-me...quando olhou pro ceu
	so a queria ver de veu
	mas nada mais podia sentir
	do qu'a esperanca de ve-la partir

	Agora a ti estas palavras dedico
	mesmo sabendo que tudo abdico
	hehe...pode ser que nao entendesses
	mas talvez ja merecesses!

	Porra!...passei por ti...nao me viste!
	Porra!...passaste por mim...nao me viste!

	Entao!...pra onde olhavas quando olhei?
	Entao!...porque olhavas quando olhei?

	Diz-me!...sentis-te o qu'eu senti?
	Diz-me!..Mentiste com'eu menti?

	Ve!...porque nunca apontaste o dedo?
	Ve!...porque sempre tiveste medo?

	E agora?..Onde estas?...nao digas!
	E agora?..Pra onde vais?...nao digas!

	O qu'achas? Posso deitar fora a memoria?
	O qu'achas? La' se foram os tempos de gloria?

	Sera que?...tudo posso pensar?
	Sera que?...posso deixar de sonhar?

	Pois e'!...sabes onde estou? nao digo!
	Pois e'!...sabes pra onde vou?...nao digo!

	Pera!...Talvez um dia diga!
	Pera!..talvez noutra vida!...

	This one...
	This one has to
	be strong ... very strong...
	just like you!

	This one has to 
	shake walls 
	just like You did
	when You spoke!

	This one has to
	make Time stop
	cause I still want
	to say something

	Hope You can still
	here me!
	Hope You can still 
	see me!

	Oh Got! It's so difficult
	to see you lying
	without crying
	Oh Got! It's so terrifying
	to see you dying
	without praying

	I know You never had 
	an easy life..
	but still..
	You could have a better end! 
	Whenever Mum
	starts crying
	I stand up
	moved by a strange force
	I'm afraid
	You'll never know
	how much I admired You...
	how much I loved You

	Or..perhaps...there's no need..
	Nurse told us..
	You asked for me.
	That'll do it!

	I know You never had
        an easy life..
        but still..
        You could have a better end! 

	If You can't see
	If You can't hear
	If You can't feel
	How come I see a lost tear?

	You granddauther asked
	where you were going to
	Now. What should I tell her?
	Is this life?	

	Anyway...evrything You gave me
	Nobody can take out of me
	I'll try to be just like you
	Hope I can meet You again someday

	Now, Father, rest in peace

	I know You never had
        an easy life..
        but still..
        You could have a better end! 

I never thought
	I wonder what she saw in me
	I wonder what she thought of me
	I wonder what she felt on me
	I wonder why she didn't get close to me.

	It was a dark raining night
	A broken car rolled into the light
	I was there just inside
	It could never cross my mind
	what would happen some time late
	would it ever be love or hate.
	A guy asked me something
	that still gives me a lot to think.
	His friend wanted to know someone
	just I never thought I could be the one
	perhaps it was just a joke
	that was making me auk.
	It took me by surprise
	until I could realize
	someone had once pick
	someone once so sick.

	I wonder what she saw in me
	I wonder what she thought of me
	I wonder what she felt on me
	I wonder why she didn't get close to me.

	I was deep down
	Looking for something on my own
	But, my God...it was not this one!
	It only made me feel more alone.
	We can allways give it a try
	Without having to say a lie.
	I looked stright for the first time
	And I could see their eyes shine
	Hours were passing by
	in a strange place to cry
	After all I went through
	I didn't know what to do.
	Hey man!..can she speak someday?
	Ya sure, only she's too shy..so..please stay
	I'm sorry, I'm leaving now
	Ask her if she wants me to talk somehow!

	I wonder what she saw in me
	I wonder what she thought of me
	I wonder what she felt on me
	I wonder why she didn't get close to me.

	Oh pah!...
	Já leste os capítulos III e IV...
	do Uffenbeck...do Uffenbeck...do raio do Uffenbeck!?!
	Não pah!
	Ainda nem tenho
	o Uffenbeck...o Uffenbeck...o raio do Uffenbeck! (bis)

	Mas pah!
	Tamos arrasca
	e isto nao vem...
	no Uffenbeck...no Uffenbeck...no raio do Uffenbeck!
	Calma pah!
	Vamos lá ver isso
	e deixa la..
	o Uffenbeck...o Uffenbeck...o raio do Uffenbeck! (bis) 

	Já viste pah!
	tantos abutres pra 5 placas!
	Pra que queres...
	o Uffenbeck...o Uffenbeck...o raio do Uffenbeck!?!
	Simples pah!
	Pergunta ao Arroz, ao Horta ao ao Monteiro o qu'eles fazem com...
	o Uffenbeck...o Uffenbeck...o raio do Uffenbeck!  (bis) 

	Porra pah!
	Afinal até é fácil 	
	Pois é pah!
	Se queres aprender tens é que fazer com ou sem...
	o Uffenbeck...o Uffenbeck...o raio do Uffenbeck!  (bis) 

	E sabes pah!
	Nunca vi os capítulos III e IV
	do Uffenbeck...do Uffenbeck...do raio do Uffenbeck!
	ah...ah!  (bis) 

A Golden Tear
	Coming from nowhere...
	Shining like Sun...
	Going to nowhere...
	On a face's man...


	Only a single drop...
	No money can buy... 
	Give it some hope...
	and never let it die!...

	Damn't the day...
	He saw it!...
	Damn't the way...
	He couldn't have it..


	A sunny ray...
	Crossed a buble of shine...
	Until it could lay...
	Right into his mind...


	It was so dark...
	A look in the night...
	Echoed like a spark...
	His eyes full of light...


The best of the school

	I remember now...
	looking back in time...
	those ancient days...
	running after the best of the school...

	It was a damn thing to do...
	cause I knew from the beginning...
	I would never have a change...
	to show my love, 
	to show my will,
	to show a simple smile...

	Heaven though I tried the impossible...
	and I dove into hopeness...
	I guess it was not the right time...
	I guess it was not the right place...
	I guess it was not the right person...

	and I had to deal with anger...
	and I had to swallow proud...
	and I had to look for the sense of life...
	Oh...boy!... I had to fight time...
	Oh...boy!... I had to see what was wrong...
	Oh...boy!... I had to be the best of the school!...

	All the same...I could be better...
	All the same...I could change for good...
	All the same...I could turn it all around!...

	and with power of time by my side...
	and with the will of power on my back...
	and Got just above me...

	I could make a different story...
	I could make a different lyrics...
	I could make a different music...

	Nothing could stop me now...
	Nothing would stand in my way...
	Nothing would be like before!

	No! My friend!...
	Now it's too late for that!...
	You know that very well!...
	There's no two best of the school!...

	Really strange how funny things...
	can turn out into tears...
	I guess it's life...

When the eyes sparkle
	I thought I was different
		  I was better
		  I was one of a kind
		  I was on the right track

	I thought I could run after you
		  I could impress you
		  I could dream with you
		  I could live with you

	I thought I could live forever
		  I would never give up
		  I could have everything
		  there was always another day

	I thought the eyes could sparkle
		  I could hear yout sound
		  I could taste your mouth
		  Heaven could reach throuh you

	I thought I could hiptonize you
		  you could notice me
		  you would walk on my way
		  you would cry for me

	I thought there was another chance
		  there was another Time
		  there was another feeling
		  there was another end

	I thought Sun was there for all
		  Moon always shone
		  Sky was pure and blue
		  Love should be somewhere

	I thought you could be part of me 
		  we could change History
		  Life could be fun
		  this was a wonderful World

	I thought...

Damn Dream
	It come out from nowhere
	discrete and silent
	just like a dream

	It feeded itself
	and got bigger and bigger
	drilling my mind

	A change to see It
	appeared just
	like a falling star
	I left the boat
	climbed up to the hill
	I wanted to hear It's sound
        loud and clear
	To see It's smile
	fresh and white
	to feel It's worm 
	like Sun in the Winter
	The hell!
	There was sounds
	There was life
	There was everything
	it could have been
	It just couldn't be true!

	I tryied to meet It again
	I crossed montains and valleys
	desperately looking for something
	I still wonder what
	but...there was nothing more
	than a damn dream
	as simple as that
	as hard as that
	as sad as that

	I should have known
	dreams can't mix 
	with reality
	They vannish faster than they born
	and one can never change 
        the rules of life

It was just a ring
	She was so young
	I wasn't that old for sure
	all the same
	What´s being old or young?

	Something light
	slipered into my hand
	It was only a ring
	but it had an impressive bright

	I put it in my finger
	just for fun
	I looked at her
	pretending I was a singer

	Don't ask me why
	I liked the feeling
	and asked for it
	It was a nice try

	For my surprise
	She said I could keep it
	I should think twice
	she should realise

	Those kind of things
	never meant much to me
	Anyway, never anyone
	gave me none of those rings

	Strange or not
	It gave me good luck
	It seemed I was always
	on the right spot

	I still recall
	When she looked at me
	as if it were the last time
	maybe asking for a call

	Time has passed by
	what can I do with the ring?
	No money can sell
	No money can buy
	There's no rhyme
	if one defyes destiny
	I'd keep it for ever
	If I could beat Time

You dind't have
        You didn't have to slow down
        You didn't have to stop
        You didn't have to freeze
        You didn't have to parelize     

        You didn't have to look
        You didn't have to hear
        You didn't have to touch
        You didn't have to feel

        You didn't have to be afraid
        You didn't have to be brave
        You didn't have to say those things
        You didn't have to ignore me

        You didn't have to answer the phone
        You didn't have to come along
        You didn't have to reach near me
        You didn't have to play with me   

        You didn't have to smile
        You didn't have to laugh
        You didn't have to yell
        You didn't have to cry

        You didn't have to back off
        You didn't have to leave
        You didn't have to run away
        You didn't have to say goodbye

        You didn't have to slow down
        You didn't have to stop
        You didn't have to freeze
        You didn't have to parelize

Looking for a father

	Playing with a little boy
	almost of it's size
	There's no doubt
	it was his soon

	Where was the father?
	It seemed somehow
        She was looking
        for a new soul

	Yeah...that's for sure
	She was kind of alone
	with open eyes
	looking the infinite
	I bet boy's father
	had simply gone
	There was no place
	for a little child
	She had to rase him
	She had to feed him
	She had to look after him
	She had to take care of him

	Oh..ya.There's no justice
	Oh..ya There's no proud 
	Oh..ya There's no glory
	Oh..ya There's no explanation
	No time to look back
	No time to turn away
	But only hope someone
	breaks into his way.

That's Madeira

	Where Sun kisses the Ocean
	Where Water embrasses Land
	Where Mountains touch the Sky
	Where Stars mix with light Boats
	Where Valleys go straight to the Sea
	Where Green raises from the Ground
	Where Flowers show all their Splendor
	Where Whistles echo through the hills
	Where Wind boats sail along the Cost
	Where worm Waters invite you for a Bath
	Where infinite Lights bright in the calm Nights
	Where Tourists stare at the Sights
	Where fishman go strugle for a better life
	Where delicious wine make a visit card
	Where handcraft is really an art
	Where beautiful woman melt any man like ice
	Where Time has no meaning
	Where one can always come back and have a nice time

	everybody's lonesome for some body else
	but nobody's lonesome for me.

	every body's thinking of somebody else
	but nobody thinking about me.

	when the time rolls around for me to lay down and die
	I bet I will have to go and hire me some one to cry  

	everybody's lonesome for some body else
	but nobody's lonesome for me.

	oh I shine up my shoes and then I slick down my hair
	put on my sunday suit but I isn't going nowhere

	everybody's lonesome for some body else
	but nobody's lonesome for me.

	now I isn't had a kiss since I fell out of my crib
	it looks to me like I have been cheated out of my rib

	everybody's lonesome for some body else
	but nobody's lonesome for me.    

An hunting look
	That simple look
	That lightned my mind

	That sudden perception
	That froze my heart

	That instant moment
	That remains for ever

	Now I cleary see
	The old saying

	"An image is worth
	a thousand words"

	As I had no time 
	to look back

	I'm sending you 
	a million thanks

	Still...Let me tell you
	It was very strange

	Cause I had looked before
	Without any echo

	I was the same
	You were the same

	The World was the same
	I wonder what was different

	I guess there's  simple
	no words for everything

	If that's curiosity
	Oh..my...that's really great

	If that's misterious
	Oh..my...that's really great

	If that's a feeling
	Oh..my...that's really great

	If that's love
	Oh..my...my..that's really...really great

	You were just right
	what are words for

	If an hunting look 
	can solve it all?

Straight like a laser
	He was straight
	that I can garantee You
	He was wise
	that I can tell You
	He was sincere
	that I can proof to You
	He was one of a kind
	that I can show you

	  If not...just follow me...
	He never drinked
	He never smoked
	He never took drugs
	He never fooled around
	He never looked back
	He never beat anyone
	He never steped aside
	He never said no

	  And You know more?...
	He was always there
	on good and bad moments
	He was always a real friend
	for everybody without exception
	He was always fun 
	and good humured
	He always worked hard
	despite many problems he had
	He always fought for justice
	and well being of human kind
	He always helped others
	mainly the weak ones
	He always did his best
	on every matter
	He always looked ahead
	on hope and hapiness

	  and that's for all that
	He gained my admiration
	  and that's for all that 
	He gained my trust
	  and that's for all that 
	He could be anyone's model
	  and that's for all that 
	He was straight like a laser!

Try next door
	If you could stay close to me
	and touch my heart
	you would like me for sure
	In your mind
	I would always be
	If you could see through my eyes
	and reach my soul
	you would run after me
	soft and gentle
	like butterflyies
	If you could feel electricity
	and tranfer energy
	you would go along
	there's no excuse
	let's follow destiny
	If you could see in advance
	look back in time
	and step a little closer
	you would never regret
	once being in my entrance
	If you could feel me somehow
	with a simple hug or so
	I bet being on top of the world
	would be something
	you would cleary  know
	If you could be in my dreams
	You would realise
	that imagination is
	not that far from reality
	and i'm as good as the best creams
	If you could be water form
	I woudn't mind
	cross desert
	just to sip you
	even under a storm
	If you could feel God
	The way I did
	When I took you home
	You would know for sure
	The meaning of Love
	If you were on the same floor
	You wouldn't be afraid
	and you would never
	but never say 
	try next door

It was a lifetime vision
When i first saw you
It was a lifetime sound
when I heard you whisper
It was a lifetime feelling
the day I touched you
It was a lifetime memory
that I'll keep for ever

Oh God! For a moment or so you could be my soul close to you i could walk to the sky Strange or not I could swear I knew you somehow but please don't ask me how
You didn't have to pretend just be honest and straight You didn't have to vanish just say a few words i would certainly understand I know things never turn out the way we want i know there's always someone better I know there is always something we're looking for I know i could never be the one At least you could give me a change to know me better You could make a little effort and let me show my love
All i ask you now whenever you hear this song is to remember me and the time we spend together
It was a lifetime vision When i first saw you It was a lifetime sound when I heard you whisper It was a lifetime feelling the day I touched you It was a lifetime memory that I'll keep for ever

A Decent Man
+ Tell me!...Why me?
- Cause you'r a decent man
  not like others
  they only want that...you know
+ What makes you think
  I'm not like them?
- I knew it from
  the very beginning
  I had a feeling 
  straight from my heart
+ mmm...You know
  heart isn't always right
- true enough!
  Life is a game
  and if you want to play it
  you've got to take a change
  one can win, one can lose
  wait and see
  how things turn out
+ And what about 
  all the differences?
  society, economy, 
  culture, distance...
- There's nothing like that 
  on world's love
  but the power of will and hope
  You know damn well
  one can't fake destiny
  nothing can pull us apart 
  if we stick together
+ still.. i'm a bit puzzled
  Do you really think
  I am that worthy?
  Is it wise to spend
  so much time
  so much money
  so much energy
  just because of me?
  Won't I disappoint you?
  Will I treat You
  the way you deserve?
- Now, it's up to you
  Just let You know
  You can always count on me
  Please, let me
  be your friend
  and stay by your side
  Please, give me some hope
  and you'll never regret
  at all
  That's a promise!

***************************  CHOROUS  ***********************************
 Only a decent man
 could move me this way
 Only a decent man
 could shake me all over
 Only a decent man
 could break my heart
 Only a decent man
 could take care after me

The end
When did it all start?
On an african dance room
Suddenly as a spark
Where was the moon?

A funny meeting
More talk than dance
Some flat legs moving
No rithm, no balance

*  chorus *

I'm not positive
If it's what i'm looking for
No need to find a motif
You won't find it in any store

Thought you were special
Maybe a dream or a nightmare
It was never oficial
Something we could spare

*  chorus *

You didn't have to pretend
You did fell something
Everything has an end
You just left with the wind

I wish I was nothing
I could be easly trade
I wish I was something
I could be that brave

*  chorus *

We won't walk away again 
We won't miss each other
When there's no pain
There's nothing to bother

If there was a reason
It must have been a good one
I won't feel in prison
A new dream will born alone

I tryied to understand       * chorus
I tryied to be friend        *
I'll never be the same       *
I guess..it's just the end   *

Damm damm damm
this is the way i found
to thank all your love
after all this time
you'r still the same
if there are words
i want all of them
to express my feelings
i never carried fotos
cause your image was
well inside my mind
i know it won't be easy
but for you i'll strugle
till the infinite
if we can make life
out of us
i'll reward you 
the best way i can
you can bet on that!
if i never had a change
maybe god brought you
just in time
i hope you can be my side
for eternity and i pray
we both have wonderful
times together...
...to continue

Jump to Heaven
	The more I cry 
	The more I remember
	Tears will never dry
	Me too I was a member

	You showed up
	Asked for a date
	I never gave up
	I was your mate

	Shorten the distance
	Extend the money
	Lots of patience
	You were so honey

	A boat in the sea
	A bag in the head
	Just wanted to see
	where it lead

	A jump to Heaven
	A change to escape
	Din't know what happen
	It was too late

	Though I was the one
	After all we went through
	Have to go on my own
	now that I was used to

	I gave you everything
	Was never enough
	In return i got nothing
	No need to laugh

	The world change
	Never say come on
	It's a bit strange
	Time to move on

Would you like to dance?
Alone in the party
willing to dance
did ask some girls
guess I was a stranger

A girl approached me
asked me to dance
of course i accepted
She said she wasn't a dancer

Ok, Never mind
me too i forgot a lot
since those days
I was dancing

Now i had a change
to go through
give my best
and have fun

Sure it was funny 
and different
trying to remember
what move I should do next

I could not lose balance
just had to swing and turn
follow the rithm
and focus on the girl

In the corner's eye
i could notice
girls staring
and willing to dance

We just kept on dancing
till we couldn't handle anymore
Soon she was leaving
till next time!